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Catering/ Take Away/ Delivery Services

✼  Family gatherings, corporate events or any special occasion, let us know your preferences and we will cater to it! 

✼  Pre-Order from us and collect it at the store closest to you. Made fresh and enjoy it with gusto! 
✼  Eat in-store or take away, whatever suits you! Feel free to make orders online and opt to pick them up for collection too! 
✼  We are available on various delivery platforms:  Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEats! 

Vegan/ Vegetarian Options

✼  We do have vegan/ vegetarian and GF options available! Let us know and we can provide what would be suitable.

Halal Options

✼  The meat supplied for our hot dishes are halal-certified! Certain dishes may contain traces of alcohol so let us know and we will customise it for you!
      Except for our Chicken Gyoza, feel free to enjoy our range of delicious bentos!
✼  Our sushi rice does not contain any mirin or cooking alcohol, however, certain toppings may contain traces of alcohol. Let us know and we can customise
      a halal alternative for you!